The Most Famous Tourist Spot in Southeast Sulawesi – Wakatobi National Park

Indonesia has roughly 50 national parks. One of them is located in Southeast Sulawesi Province. The name is Wakatobi National Park. As the name suggests, it belongs to Wakatobi District. The size is about 1.39 million ha. It is vast and beautiful. Not to mention it becomes the home of numerous nautical creatures and reefs. When it comes to the depth of the sea, it varies. The deepest one reaches up to 1,044 meters. On top of that, tourists can do many things here.

The Nuance
The best feature of Wakatobi National Park is the underwater scenery. There are about 25 formations of corals. You can explore them all with passion. In fact, more than a hundred of types of corals live there. They are located in different spots across the shorelines. Next, there are fishes. The most famous one is Napoleon Fish. Still, you can find more than 90 types of fish in this tourist spot. The best things to do are swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Not to mention you can learn the local culture.

Exploring Wakatobi National Park
Both locals and foreigners are familiar with Wakatobi National Park. In terms of beauty, it is as beautiful as Bunaken and Raja Ampat. That means it becomes a worthy vacation spot to explore. The most famous activity to do is definitely diving. You can explore numerous nautical attractions including fishes, corals, and much more. If you are not into diving, you can enjoy either swimming or snorkeling. Have no worries. The seawater is calm and safe.  Even beginners can enjoy it well.

Apart from fishes and corals, there are other creatures living in Wakatobi National Park. For example, there are some famous species of birds like Kingfisher Eurasia and Cerek Melayu. Also, there is a chance to see different types of turtles. All of them are beautiful! What’s next? There is a special creature called sperm whale. Many of them are often seen in the park. Usually, they appear in November. With all these creatures, photographers can take stunning pictures of them. Are you also interested?

The next thing to do is to learn the history of Wakatobi National Park. A tour guide may tell you the story. It is said the park was naturally formed in the Tertiary Era. In terms of location, the park is situated in the Coral Tri-Angle. No wonder, it features tons of corals with different types. What’s next? Apart from the beauty of the underwater sea, tourists can also visit nearby tourist spots especially Hoga Island.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kambode Island
  • Komponaone Island
  • Hoga Island

How to Get There
First things come first. From Kendari, take a local transportation service to Wakatobi District. There are different ways to reach the location, actually. First, you can take advantage of the sea. That means you need to reach several checkpoints such as Bau-Bau and Wangi-Wangi. From there, take a speedboat to Wakatobi. Another option is by air. It is suitable for those who come from other provinces. In this case, Haluoleo Airport is your destination.

Where to Stay

  • Wakatobi Patuno Resort
  • Wisata Beach Hotel
  • Wakatobi Hotel

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