King Murhum’s Tombstone in Bau-Bau City, Southeast Sulawesi Province

In Bau-Bau, travelers have heard about a famous Buton Palace Fort. It is known as the biggest fort in the world, after all. However, some parts of the fort are also interesting for tourists. For example, there is Murhum King’s Tombstone. This gravestone is located near to the entry point of the fort. The question is who Murhum is. He was the king of Buton and people recognized him as Khalifatul Khamis. Another fact is that he was the first Sultan of Buton Kingdom.

The Nuance
The size of Murhum’s Tombstone is quite big. The width is about 5 meters. Also, it is tall. The location is across the Mosque of Buton Palace. This tombstone is situated on a highland, so it takes an effort to reach it. There are some stairs, as well. Before getting near to such burial site of Murhum, visitors need to take off their footwear first. It is because the tombstone is considered sacred. All tourists should pay attention to the cleanliness of this area. It is the prime rule!

Exploring King Murhum’s Tombstone
The first thing to enjoy is definitely the story of King Murhum. You can obtain the story from the locals. According to villagers, Murhum was a sacred and powerful man. He was able to overcome bad people and pirates. It’s true that Buton became a targeted area among the pirates. The main reason was the location. Both traders and explorers are able to reach Buton easily. Those who conquer it would be able to get many benefits. In order to learn more about him, you need to hire a tour guide.

In terms of appearance, King Murhum’s Tombstone is clean and well-managed. Thanks to the keeper. Many people come to this burial site for praying. Some of them also want to see the shape of the tombstone directly. That means it becomes a good reference for those who want to conduct religious tourism. Here is the fact. Murhum was the first Moslem King in Buton. Due to this reason, he is considered as an important figure in Southeast Sulawesi. Today, tourists are able to visit his grave in the same location as Buton Palace Fort.

The best time to visit the tombstone is during Islam special days. Many visitors would like to conduct pilgrimage in this location. As mentioned before, you must pay attention to the cleanliness. Importantly, you are not allowed to litter. Apart from pilgrimage, there is another interesting thing to do. Make sure you touch the sacred stone situated in the back of the tombstone. The rumor has it. You will be blessed by this stone.

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How to Get There
The tombstone is located in the same area as Buton Palace Fort. That means you need to reach Bau-Bau City first. If you come from Kendari City, the trip takes about 13 hours. Also, the distance is 224 km. Later, you need to ride a ferry to reach Buton island.

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