Sombano Lake in Kaledupa Island, Wakatobi District

People have reasons why they enjoy nature tourism. One of them is to see unspoiled nature, which is considered refreshing. The question is where they should go, as many options of nature attractions are available. In Wakatobi District, Kaledupa Island becomes a recommended choice. It is the home of a serene lake called Sombano. As the name suggests, the lake belongs to Sombano Village and becomes its significant tourist spot. The lake was formed naturally due to the presence of land cavities. As the result sea water entered the land and combined into such lake.

The Nuance
Due to its clarity, the lake appears stunning and peaceful. It even features some small huts, on which tourists can rest and relax. That means visitors can enjoy nature views while relaxing on such comfortable facilities. In terms of nuance, the lake offers a peaceful atmosphere. Thanks to the presence of shady trees. They surround such beautiful lake, providing a comfortable and shady feel to the location. In terms of size, Sombano Lake is indeed big and the water is comfy. No wonder, most of the visitors would go swimming in it.

Exploring Sombano Lake
One of the significant motivations in visiting Sombano Lake is the opportunity for an adventure. Here is the fact. Visitors should take much effort to reach the location, as they need to pass through steep and bad routes. Approximately, it takes 8 km from Sombano Village to reach the lake. Have no worries. This becomes a chance for trekking! Along the way to the lake, tourists can enjoy beautiful views of a nearby beach and shrubs. The trip takes about 20 minutes, but it is worth the effort. No one would get disappointed with it.

Once they reach the lake, they can either continue the journey or take a rest first in the hut. The crystal clear water is quite mesmerizing! Not to mention Sombano Lake holds unique creatures like red shrimps. Their color is striking and it combines well with green water plants on the lake. With such attractions, it is likely tourists can’t deny the urge to swim. The water is rejuvenating, after all. Plus, those small shrimps would be the perfect companion during swimming. One thing, the locals may tell tourists regarding the sacredness of the lake. In fact, not many people dare to swim in it!

Nearby Attractions

  • Alam Derawa Cave
  • Togo Fort
  • Ollo Fort
  • The Old Mosque

How to Get There
The first checkpoint is Wangi-Wangi Island, where Matahora Airport resides. From there, travelers can take a speedboat and head to Kaledupa. The voyage takes 1-2 hours, depending on the weather and traffic. In fact, it may take longer if tourists use a long boat instead of a speedboat.

Where to Stay

  • Wakatobi Resort
  • Locals’ Houses

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