Kapota Island in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

One of the reasons in visiting Indonesia is its formation of islands. In Southeast Sulawesi Province, a small archipelago exists and the name is Wakatobi. Such regency is famous for its islands and pristine nature. As for reference, there is Kapota Island. Tourists would love its stunning beach and other nature attractions there. Even it is the home a cave of bats! With those lures, the island keeps attracting both local tourists and outsiders. Most of the visitors are adventurers and photographers. Some of them also come to Kapota (Cambode) Island to enjoy a family vacation, actually.

The Nuance
The beauty of Kapota Island is indescribable, as it features lots of jaw-dropping nature attractions. It can be said the island is proud of its beach, featuring white sand and flawless sea water. The waves are small and the weather is nice. No wonder, tourists would be able to enjoy swimming without hassle. Even the water is warm and refreshing! Near to the beach, there are several shady trees. With their presence, visitors can sit under them and relax, while watching some boats passing by. It is only the beginning, after all. It’s because Kapota has more interesting locations to explore.

Exploring Kapota Island
With the size of 1,804 hectares, Kapota Island is quite luring. It consists of different landscapes, including beaches, mangroves, lakes, and caves. That means tourists have the chance to explore those places! Those beaches are unspoiled, as well. Some of the best options are Umala, Kolowowa, and Aowolio Beach. Providing crystal clear water and safe waves, the beaches are suitable for fun activities like swimming and snorkeling. Still, kids should get supervised by the parents. Some parts of the water are quite deep, after all.

It doesn’t have to be swimming or getting in the water. Tourists can simply relax under pine trees, which are located near to the coast. In fact, some coconut trees are also seen there. Here is an idea. Visitors should try climbing a coconut tree and get some fruits. Drinking a fresh coconut on the beach is definitely a rejuvenating activity. It helps them to eradicate stresses and enjoy the nuance even better! The thing is they need to put some efforts in opening the coconut. Can they?

The next adventure is to visit Gua Kelelawar or the cave of bats. The best one is called Bewata Cave and it becomes tourists’ favorite spot for caving. The cave’s mouth has the size of 12 meters and the width of 7 meters. As for the tip, visitors should come with a tour guide or the local. It even requires a rope and other supporting equipment there. The fact is the cave consists of 4 big cavities, which are connected by small lanes. Thus, explorers would get difficulties if they come without equipment and the right information regarding the route.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Travelers can take different ways in reaching Kapota Island. The first option is from Wanci (the capital of Wakatobi). In this case, they need to ride a boat from Wanci for about 30 minutes. Another option is by airplane and the destination is Matahora Airport in Wangi-Wangi Island. From there, they can take a boat to reach Kapota.

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