A Small Adventure in Tindoi Protected Forest, Wangi-Wangi Island

A vacation in a forest seems challenging, doesn’t it? In this case, tourists need to find a good place for an adventure. Thanks to Wakatobi District. It offers a wonderful tourism spot like Tindoi Protected Forest, located in Wangi-Wangi Island. To be exact, the forest belongs to several villages, which are Tindoi, East Tindoi, Waginopo, and Posalu Village. Among those rural areas, Tindoi Village becomes the most popular entrance, though. Tourists can either come with a tour guide or alone, but they must have some preparations beforehand. At least, they must learn information about the forest.

The Nuance
The fact is Tindoi Forest is protected by the government. Not to mention the locals consider it sacred! Despite the status, it becomes a recommended vacation destination for those visiting Wangi-Wangi Island. It is situated 800 meters above sea level and becomes the home of lush vegetation and tall trees. Near to the forest, more than 30 households live peacefully. That means visitors have the chance to visit the village and learn some culture there. Mostly, the villagers work as a farmer and they take advantage of Polio Fountain for irrigation. When it comes to creatures, many animals live there like butterflies, black drongo, local birds, etc.

Exploring Tindoi Protected Forest
The first activity is definitely trekking, as Tindoi Forest has a challenging landscape. Plus, it is surrounded by tall trees and lush vegetation. That means tourists won’t get tired when exploring it. Moreover, many types of flora and fauna live there, which become perfect objects for photography. Once the trekking is done, tourists should reach Polio Fountain, where a beautiful nature pond resides. Tourists are even possible to take a bath in it! The reason is the locals manage it as both a source for irrigation and nature bath, after all.

The next adventure is to visit nearby villages. These include Posalu, Waginopo, and Tindoi. These rural areas share similar features and culture, actually. The people are also friendly and they often offer foods to visitors. It is even possible to stay in their house for either resting or sleeping. Some locals also offer a tour guide service to tourists with a cheap price! It only takes a good bargain skill and some Indonesian Language knowledge to get such benefit. As an alternative, tourists can come with experienced travelers or a tour agent service.

As mentioned before, travelers should have prepared everything prior to exploring the forest. For instance, it is about the information. That means they need to gather info regarding routes, facilities, safety tips, etc. Next, it is related to the equipment. Some basic items are needed, including a carrier bag, bottled water, snacks, and GPS. It is also important to wear comfortable footwear, as the route is rough.

Nearby Attractions

  • Polio Fountain
  • Waginopo Peak
  • Tee Kuea Nature Bath
  • Tofengka Stone
  • Tee Kosapi Cave
  • Mola Village

How to Get There
Travelers can simply visit Wangi-Wangi Island by airplane and the destination is Matahora Airport. Next, they can take either an ojek or a car to Wanci City. The distance is about 8 km, actually. Next, it is time to head to Tindoi Village. From there, they need to walk for 2 km to reach the forest.

Where to Stay

  • Wakatobi Patuno Resort

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