Kamali Beach in Bau-Bau City, Southeast Sulawesi Province

It is safe to say Kamali Beach is the pride of Buton Island. To be exact, this splendid beach is located in Bau-Bau City and becomes one of the best tourist spots in Southeast Sulawesi Province. The beach features numerous attractions, including a stunning shoreline, the Dragon’s Head Statue, the Dragon’s Tail Statue, and much more. Not to mention it is located near to many local eateries, on which visitors can satisfy their hunger. Overall, Kamali Beach is a top vacation destination for those who are visiting Bau-Bau!

The Nuance 
There is an icon of Kamali Beach, which is called the Dragon’s Head Statue. As the name suggests, it is a monument having the shape of the head of a dragon and the color is green. There is even its tail located separately, which is near to the Major’s Office. At night, the statue emits a wonderful light and has more visitors. Near to it, you may find local food stands to offer mouth-watering foods! Do you want more? It is time to come to the beach and witness some boats passing by.

Exploring Kamali Beach
All people in Bau-Bau city should have heard about Kamali Beach, as it is an icon of the city. Due to its delicate sea scenery, the beach has become a place for sightseeing. Not only it offers flawless coastal views, but it also shows how busy the boats are. With the strong waves and gusty wind, Kamali represents the greatness of nature. Not to mention it provides an opportunity for photographers to take pictures of those objects. Even beginners would be grateful for it.

Aside from the luring beauty of the sea, Kamali Beach also offers other attractions. For instance, it is the group of local sellers offering numerous types of items. These include toys, foods, watches, DVDs, snacks, etc. It is likely you are going to spend much money at the beach, so make sure to come with enough cash! Here is the tip. The best time to visit the beach is in the afternoon, as people keep swarming in this location while waiting for the sunset.

In terms of facilities, Kamali Beach is located near to hotels and restaurants with distinct prices. According to the locals, the best foods to try are the seafood and Kobuto. At least, these may satisfy your hunger while waiting for the main course which is the BBQ. Done with the feast, it is time to reach tourists attractions located near to Kamali. The closest one is the Dragon’s Head Statue, which is the symbol of the beach. Don’t forget to take pictures of it!

Nearby Attractions

  • Dragon Statue
  • Tirta Rimba Waterfall
  • Buton Palace Fort
  • amparona Waterfall

How to Get There
Kamali Beach belongs to Bau-Bau City, so it becomes your primary destination. For those who come from Kendari City, it takes some time to reach the location as the distance is 224 km. That means it costs roughly 13 hours and some checkpoints, including Raha City (Muna) and Buton Island. Despite the long trip, it is going to be a worthy vacation.

Where to Stay

  • Lakamali Hotel
  • Rajawali Hotel
  • Lotus Garden Hotel

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