Walobu Water Cave in Liya Onemelangka Village, Wakatobi District

It is true Wakatobi District is famous for its nature tourism. That means many types of attractions are available there, including caves. As for the reference, there is Walobu Water Cave in Wangi-Wangi Island. To be exact, the location is in Liya Onemelangka Village and it is quite reachable. Tourists can even visit the location without the help of a local guide. Still, it takes both stamina and time to explore the cave. Some parts of it are also slippery! Without preparations and knowledge, they are likely to have bad experiences there.

The Nuance
As the name suggests, Walobu Water Cave features a small pond. The thing is the condition is not quite good, as it is covered by many fallen leaves. That means visitors aren’t supposed to swim in the pond. They can simply do other activities like caving, photography, and relax instead. The landscape is suitable for a small trekking, as well. Apart from the pond, the cave features big stones, stalactites, and some bushes. Not to mention villagers are seen sometimes, as they are also attracted to such tourist spot.

Exploring Walobu Water Cave
A cave exploration or caving is the prime activity to do in Walobu Water Cave. Regardless of the experience, visitors should pay attention to several things. For instance, it is related to the stamina. Exploring nature attractions requires a good health condition, after all. It takes both walking and trekking. Moreover, the cave features some troublesome parts that require thorough exploration. That means coming without a good stamina is a bad idea. If necessary, visitors must carry bottled water and some snacks to replenish their energy later. They must take care of the trash, though.

The next consideration in exploring Walobu Cave is the equipment and attires. Carrying a flashlight is common knowledge. What about the clothes and shoes? The fact is the cave features damp environment and nature pond. With proper shoes and clothes, visitors would be able to explore the cave in a comfortable manner. Some people even come to the cave wearing boots! It is because they don’t want to get wet. It is not a bad idea, actually. Another reason is because the land is a bit slippery.

As for the tip, tourists should come with a tour guide or the local. They know the best route to explore the cave and give guidance professionally. What about the rules? Just because Walobu Water Cave is left unguided, doesn’t mean visitors can act in a careless manner there. Littering is definitely prohibited, so they must take care of the environment well. Also, it is not allowed to damage the nature. Usually, bad people act idly by writing or painting something on the cave’s wall. This is indeed a bad thing to do.

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How to Get There
Walobu Water Cave is located near to Wanci City, as the distance between them is 6 km. First, travelers need to head to Wangi-Wangi Island (Matahora Airport). From there, it is time to reach Liya Onemelangka Village by local transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Wakatobi Patuno Resort

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