Relaxing in Huntete Beach, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Huntete Beach should be in the list of Southeast Sulawesi Province’s best tourist spots. Usually, travelers come there after exploring Soha Beach. It is because those beaches are located near to each other. Soha is known for its serene nature. On the other hand, Huntete Beach has stronger waves. Not to mention it features deep sea. Only professional surfers are likely to enjoy these features. For common tourists, beach walking and relaxation are considered the best options. As an alternative, you can enjoy a casual swimming in the shoreline, where the water is shallow.

The Nuance
No one can deny the beauty of Huntete Beach. Apart from the strong waves, it offers other features. For instance, several coconut trees grow there. The wind blows the leaves of these trees. It appears peaceful and sounds calming. When it comes to the sand, the beach features white and soft sand. In some parts of the land, you may find grasses. Next, it is the facility. For those who ride a private vehicle, the beach provides a parking area nearby. Thus, visitors won’t get difficult to drop by.

Exploring Huntete Beach
What makes Huntete Beach is more interesting than other beaches in Southeast Sulawesi Province? That is the question. According to the locals, the beach is famous for its stunning sea scenery, which involves the reflection of the sun on the seawater. This mesmerizing atmosphere becomes a great feature while you play in the water. Due to this reason, the best time to visit the beach is either during sunrise or sunset. Somehow, these sun views are worth a thousand of pictures. Photographers would be definitely satisfied in capturing such great scenery.

The beauty of the seawater is one thing. It is because the beach offers many other beautiful things like white sand and wide shorelines, which become a good location for beach walking. The soft texture of the sand never hurts your feet, so you can walk on it without any footwear. Walking on the beach and enjoying the sea views are quite comforting. Not to mention several local fishermen’s boats often pass by. These become an extra in Huntete Beach.

The crystal clear and calm seawater lure tourists to either swim or play in the water. The thing is the waves can be quite strong sometimes. Make sure to choose the right time to visit the beach, which is usually in summer. The waves won’t be quite strong at that time and the weather will be more comfortable. For those who don’t like swimming, a simple activity like beach walking is considered enough.

Nearby Attractions

  • Wakatobi National Park
  • Wangi-Wangi Island
  • Kaledupa Island

How to Get There
A trip to Huntete Beach involves many checkpoints, especially for those who live outside Southeast Sulawesi Province. From Jakarta, take an airplane to Kendari City – Haluoleo Airport. From there, your next checkpoint is Muna Island (Raha City). Next, take a fast boat to Bau-Bau City or Buton Island and you need to use another boat to reach Wakatobi Regency. Once you get there, the last destination is Tomia Island.

Where to Stay

  • Wakatobi Patuno Resort
  • Wakatobi Dive Resort

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