Katembe Beach in Madongka Village, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Indonesia is a beautiful nation. In Southeast Sulawesi Province, you can find Katembe Beach. This flawless beach is situated in Madongka Village, Buton Regency. It is part of Lakudo District as well. What makes it special? The tourists would be astonished by the stunning color of the beach. It is the combination of white and pink color. Also, Katembe is famous for its serene nuance. It is a wonderful place for either a honeymoon or a relaxation. It is also a perfect spot for photography.

The Nuance
Here are several things to describe. First, it is about the seawater. The color is blue and it is quite clear. Not to mention it is shallow. You are likely to play in the water, so you must carry extra clothes. Next, it is the sand. The color is white and the texture is soft. Some parts of the sand feature dry grass, as well. What’s next? Some trees are available in this area, but they aren’t quite shady. On the other hand, the coastline is plain and wide. Another interesting feature is an abandoned canoe. No one knows where it came from.

Exploring Katembe Beach
Sightseeing is the best thing to do in Katembe Beach. Sometimes, the color of the sand alters. It is either white or pink. This phenomenon is both unique and beautiful. As an unspoiled beach, the beauty is flawless. The problem is it doesn’t have many visitors these days. It is because people who live outside Sulawesi Island are not aware of the beauty of the beach. This becomes a task of the local government. A good promotion may bring more visitors to this location. That’s for sure.

Another plus point is the location. Katembe Beach is reachable from different locations. Once you reach the beach, you can play around either on the sand or the seawater wholeheartedly. In the back, there is a plain field. Visitors can use it for numerous activities. Sometimes, professional photographers come to this location with their models. They take some pictures and use the beach as the background. Are you interested? Everyone can do the same thing regardless of the photography skill.

The coconut trees become a unique feature in Katembe Beach. Even though they aren’t shady, they look calm and gorgeous. It is even possible to drink fresh coconut water. Make sure to ask help from the locals. They may get it for you. As for the tip, you need to pay attention to the fee. In the holidays, the entry fee increases. Not to mention you should prepare some money to rent a banana boat or other interesting rides.

Nearby Attractions

  • Buton Fort
  • Marhum’s Tombstone
  • Jaraijo

How to Get There
In order to reach Katembe Beach, you should head to Kendari City first. From there, visit Bau-Bau City. Exactly in Madongka Village, Lakudo District. It is a checkpoint, from where you can rent a ferry to Wamengkoli. The destination is Muna Island. The beach belongs to this island, after all. Still, it is the part of Buton Regency. The whole trip takes 11 hours and the distance is 241 km.

Where to Stay

  • Calista Beach Hotel
  • Fitria Hotel
  • Mira Hotel

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