Liya Togo Fort in South Wangi-Wangi Sub-District, Wakatobi Regency

Southeast Sulawesi Province holds a hidden gem, called Wakatobi Archipelago. A formation of astonishing islands awaits tourists there. Wangi-Wangi Island is not an exception, which is the capital of such region. Consisting of many vacation destinations, it should be in the prime list of Indonesian’s best tourism. Even it offers a historical site called Liya Togo Fort. It is known as one of the significant structures, being the part of Islamic proselytism in Buton Sultanate. Apart from its historical value, tourists are interested in its design and shape. They also come there for photography!

The Nuance
Not only the fort is famous among travelers, it also attracts some historians. Thanks to its interesting history. The size of the fort is about 30 hectares and it emits a majestic aura. It also features a famous mosque, which is called Mubarak. That means the mosque becomes an additional attraction aside from Togo Fort. The structure was made of coral reef and connected with only egg whites and lime dough! Despite such traditional technique, both the mosque and the fort are quite durable. In fact, their condition is great.

Exploring Liya Togo Fort
The fort is located in Liya Raya Village. The thing is the main complex of Liya Togo Fort resides in a highland, so visitors should spend bit energy to reach it. In the west part, there is an old mosque and a royal audience hall (Baliura). That means visitors can take advantage of those places for resting. The atmosphere is quite comfortable, after all. The breezy wind will make the trip better and cozier. Still, everyone should carry bottled water or drinks, as the weather can be quite hot at noon.

The next attraction is situated in the north part of the fort, which is a burial site. The rumor has it. It is the location where Talo-talo was buried. He was a powerful man back then. The fort was part of his life, actually. In the past, he trained diligently in Baliura. At that time, he practiced jumping! This skill helped him to jump over Muna Fort and killed the king efficiently. The Buton Sultan was happy with that man’s contribution and gave him Liya Togo as his territory. Today, it becomes an important tourist spot in Wakatobi

The atmosphere in Liya Togo Fort becomes merrier by the presence of local kids. They play around in the location passionately. Not to mention some local women are seen there, selling Kasuami (a traditional snack of Wakatobi made of cassava). The nuance feels better by the existence of lush trees, actually. They are old and shady. That means visitors can rest under them before continuing their trip to the top of the fort.

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How to Get There
Wangi-Wangi Island is the prime checkpoint for those who are visiting Wakatobi Archipelago. That means it has an easy access and superb facilities. The best transportation is by airplane and the destination is in Matahora Airport. From there, they can simply take a local transportation service to South Wangi-Wangi Sub-district, where the fort resides.

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