Teletubbies Hill in Pasarwajo District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

There is one thing that defines a pleasing vacation. It is called uniqueness. In Pasarwajo District, you can find a fascinating nature spot named Teletubbies Hill. The location is in Wakaokili Village. Having the name of a kids’ show, the hill becomes a recommended choice for tourists who come to Southeast Sulawesi Province. As the name suggests, the hill represents the shape of that of Teletubbies. This location is usually crowded in the afternoon, as people want to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and play in the grass field.

The Nuance
The grassy landscape and gusty wind become the main features in Teletubbies Hill. In summer, the grass appears yellowish and beautiful. The hill doesn’t have a steep landscape, so it is quite comfortable for a simple hiking. From afar, you can also see the cloudy sky and several trees. All these features combine into a mesmerizing nuance, so photographers would spend good times there. Not to mention you can take selfies and pre-wedding photos in this location. It doesn’t have to be a tiring activity, as you can simply sit and relax on the grassy land.

Exploring Teletubbies Hill
The thing is Teletubbies Hill is the part of Aopa Watumohai National Park, which shares the same beauty as it is. In order to get the best views, it requires a little effort and hiking. Despite the tiring activity, the scenery on the hill is quite worthy. Not only you will be rewarded by stunning views, but it gives you the chance to explore all parts of the hill. Somehow, it may trigger your adrenaline as the landscape has different textures and routes. Still, many inexperienced hikers keep coming to this location as the hill is considered safe and comfortable.

Apart from hiking, Teletubbies Hill also becomes a famous spot for camping. Building a tent and enjoying a night on this realm is definitely fun. Once the tent has been built, you can explore the hill for firewood. That means you need to pass through a savanna in order to gather such prime necessity. For many, it is a little bit difficult to look for the firewood because there are no bushes or trees growing in that area. Here is an idea. Why don’t you prepare the firewood prior to visiting the hill?

In the next morning, you can enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise with your companion. It is a romantic moment for couples, in fact. This explains why many spouses and couples come to the hill on the weekends. They come to the hill doing numerous types of activities like camping, photography and witnessing the dreamy sun views. Aside from these couples, the hill is also popular among families as they come to enjoy a family recreation. What about you?

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How to Get There
Located in Pasarwajo District, Teletubbies Hill is quite reachable. The trip takes much time, though. According to the locals, it may take about 14 hours as the distance is 272 km from Kendari City. First, head to Muna Island and take a ferry to Bau-Bau City. From there, your last destination is Pasarwajo. It is as simple as that! It can be even faster if you use the right type of transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Hany Hotel
  • Yustisari Hotel

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