Mawadah Dive Center in Wangi-Wangi Island, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Wangi-Wangi Island belongs to Wakatobi Regency and it is part of Southeast Sulawesi Province. Not to mention it is the home of numerous vacation spots and one of them is Mawadah Dive Center. As the name implies, it is the location for diving as it features charming underwater scenery and an excellent visibility. Both beginners and professional divers are allowed to explore this location, as the water is safe and clear. Witnessing exquisite corals and cute fishes are indeed satisfying, regardless of the skill. Even an instructor may help you to explore it.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the water has a good visibility so it helps you observe the beautiful objects in a better quality. The warm and calm water are also astonishing, so divers can comfortably swim in it. When it comes to the sea current, it is not quite strong. Even beginners can dive in the water without hassles! Still, it will be wise if you come with an instructor as he may lead you to the best spot for sea exploration. Also, he may teach you how to dive professionally.

Exploring Mawadah Dive Center
It is a no brainer. The main activity in Mawadah Dive Center is diving. As mentioned before, the diving spot is suitable for everyone regardless of the skill. As long as you wear proper equipment and follow the instruction, you are ready to go. Thus, you should have prepared everything prior to getting in the water. To make the visitors spend a good time in this dive center, the management has provided some facilities as well. This way, everyone is won’t get troubled when exploring such dive center.

Near to Mawadah Dive Center, you can see several local kids playing around on the beach and pier. They are quite cheerful and active. Not to mention they are friendly, so tourists can approach them without hassles. Apart from the local kids, you can also see some local boats passing by. It is because local fishermen live in a nearby village and they come to the sea for either fishing or netting. The village itself is also a good tourist spot, on which traditional houses of Southeast Sulawesi lie.

Once you enjoy both diving and exploration, it is time to visit Wanci. It is where you can buy some items and eat local foods. On top of that you can find automatic teller machines, so you won’t get troubled in performing transaction. When it comes to accommodations, some local hotels operate in this location. That means you must carry some money, as you need it to pay numerous services and amenities. These include the diving instructor!

Nearby Attractions

  • Wakatobi Dive Adventure
  • Kontamale Cave
  • Cemara Beach

How to Get There
The most troublesome part of such vacation is the trip, which takes about 21-22 hours. If you come from Kendari City, the distance is 381 km and it involves several checkpoints. The first destination is Muna Island or Raha City. Next, you need to head to Buton Island and Wangi-Wangi Island. From there, take a local transportation service to Wanci Village. That is all.

Where to Stay

  • Wakatobi Hotel
  • Wisata Beach Hotel
  • Patuno Resort
  • Dila Villa

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