Lia Lapadele Cave in Tomia Island, Wakatobi Regency

Lots of ideas are available for the next vacation. For those visiting Wakatobi Regency, they must never miss Tomia Island. The popularity is similar to that of Wangi-Wangi Island, after all. Why is that? It has uncommon nature attraction, and one of them is Lia Lapadele Cave. Even though the name is a bit unfamiliar, lots of travelers are curious about it. Thus, they want to visit the cave and witness its beauty with their own eyes. They also come to the cave for its history and serene environment. Overall, Lia Lapadele holds a huge tourism potential that everyone should enjoy.

The Nuance
The environment is clean and flawless. Near to the cave, lots of bushes and trees grow beautifully. Surrounded by wild nature, it offers a rejuvenating atmosphere. What’s next? It is the size of the cave, which is considered moderate. The mouth is wide, though. This helps tourists to get in it easily. Like other caves, the interior is dark and a bit moist. As for the tip, visitors should carry some items like a flashlight, comfortable footwear, snacks, drinks, and extra clothes. Caving is a bit tiring, so those items would be great helps to them.

Exploring Lia Lapadele Cave
The most common reason for visiting Lia Lapadele Cave is to enjoy its peaceful nuance. It doesn’t have to enter the cave, after all. Tourists can simply enjoy the nuance outside the cave. With a comfortable atmosphere and rejuvenating air, it becomes a perfect spot for lessening and sightseeing. Photography is allowed, but no unique objects are seen there. As an alternative, they can perform simple hiking near to the cave. Thanks to the presence of big rocks and a small hill there. Later, they should continue to explore Lia Lapadele, carrying a flashlight and proper gear.

The fact is the cave belongs to Patua II Village. The locals may tell visitors regarding the history of Lia Lapadele Cave, which also becomes a reason for visiting it. In the past, the cave was a perfect hiding spot, used by villagers. It’s because the location was quite tumultuous and unsafe.  Today, it becomes a historical and challenging cave for tourists to explore.  Even some villagers are often seen there. They take advantage of the calm nuance of the cave for making traditional mats, using Pandan leaves that are found nearby.

Once tourists take some time exploring the cave, they can start visiting other recommended tourist spots in Tomia Island. One of the best options is Kahyangan Hill, on which tourists enjoy stunning sunset and nature views from above. It takes about 25 minutes from the capital of Tomia, actually. The other interesting places to visit are Hutente and Onemobaa Beach, where people can witness beautiful fishes and corals while snorkeling!

Nearby Attractions

  • Kahyangan Hill
  • Onemobaa Beach
  • Hutente Beach

How to Get There
First, travelers need to take an airplane and head to Matahora Airport, which resides in Wangi-Wangi Island. The next trip is by boat, which takes several hours. Once they reach Tomia Island, they can directly head to Patua II Village. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the cave from such settlement, actually.

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