Mangrove Park in Center Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

When it comes to nature tourism, Southeast Sulawesi Province can be a good reference. There is Mangrove Park located in Buton Regency. The government protects it either as a natural attractions or conservation. Mostly, tourists come to the park for relaxation. They also want to take some pictures nearby. The thing is the mangrove park acts as a natural border and prevents abrasion. For many, this area seems plain and boring. However, the park gives an unusual ambiance for everyone who explores it. Due to this reason, it is worth a visit.

The Nuance
Many visitors have provided positive testimonials regarding Buton Mangrove Park. They were satisfied with its beautiful landscape and neat placement of the mangroves. Thanks to the keeper. It is because these mangroves are arranged in a special way. Unlike natural mangroves, these ones have an important function to protect the shoreline in the best manner. What about the sea? It features moderate waves. In the beach, the sand has the color of brown. However, it is not quite soft. Beach walking is possible, but you must wear good footwear.

Exploring Buton Mangrove Park
Most of the visitors have given a positive testimonial regarding Buton Mangrove Park. For example, it is related to the accessibility. The park features an easy access as it is located behind Mawasangka Middle School. That means any visitors can reach it regardless of their location. Not to mention the locals are always available to help tourists. These people would like to give direction to the guests, which is quite helpful. For the best experience, you can even hire a tour guide but it costs some money.

The first thing to do in Buton Mangrove Park is sightseeing, as there are many beautiful objects in this location. Still, the main feature is the formation of mangroves. They are located neatly because the local government has arranged it to fulfill its primary job, which is to protect the land from erosion. Sometimes, the keeper is seen in this location and he may explain to visitors regarding the importance of the mangrove park, so it becomes an opportunity to introduce such plants to the kids.

Here is the best thing about Buton Mangrove Park. There is no entry fee, so visitors can enter and explore this location without spending money. The only requirement is the awareness of the environment, which means you are not allowed to litter or cause any harm there. With this in mind, everyone is able to take a good time and explore the park with their families. When it comes to the best time to visit the park, it is in weekends, considering many people will come to this area.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
It is easy to say than done. When it is about a vacation to Buton Mangrove Park, you need to take advantage of the fastest route. From Kendari City, take a local transportation service to Raha Regency and head to Bau-Bau City using a ferry. From there, you need only to reach Buton Regency using an available public transportation. This trip is fast and easy for those who live in Southeast Sulawesi Province, but it takes much time for outsiders. For example, people in Jakarta should take an airplane and head to Haluoleo Airport, so they can proceed to the route mentioned earlier.

Where to Stay

  • Al-Fajar Hotel
  • Ayungge Hotel
  • Ferdian Hotel

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