A Vacation in Bau-Bau City, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Indonesia is rich in natural attractions. If you visit Southeast Sulawesi Province, make sure to drop by in Bau-Bau City. Travelers call it a city of a thousand tourist spots. Many options of vacation destination are available. Why is the name, actually? According to the locals, Bugis Tribe came to Buton Regency. Most of them had a title called “Andi Bau”. Since there were many Bau People, the location applied such name to this region. The locals have similar physical characteristics to Ambonese, though.

The Nuance
Bau-Bau City has a stunning landscape and it features natural beauty. There is a location where you can see the letters of “Bau-Bau”. Somehow, it is similar to that of the Hollywood’s. Overall, it is a little bit complicated in describing the city. Each part of it emits distinct beauty. That means you must explore them all first. These include the beaches, highlands, historical sites, and much more. In terms of facilities and accommodations, many hotels and restaurants are available in Bau-Bau. What you need to do is to explore and compare them thoroughly. It helps you find the best one.

Exploring Bau-Bau City
The best thing to do in Bau-Bau is exploring Buton Palace Fort. It is the reminiscence of Buton Kingdom and the age is more than hundreds of years. Apart from the fort, there are traditional houses, an old mosque, traditional weapons, etc. Visitors can also learn a little bit history of the kingdom. Not to mention it is possible to learn the family tree of Buton Sultanate. On top of that, many historical things are available there. Make sure to carry your camera!

Beaches also become a lure in Bau-Bau City. As for a reference, there is Nirwana Beach. It means the heavenly beach. The sand is white and the width is about 4 km. It is suitable for different types of water sports. Also, you can simply relax in the shoreline. The water is warm and safe, in fact. Even your kids would enjoy it well. Apart from Nirwana, many other beaches are available. These include Lakeba and Kokalukuna Beach. Each of them offers a distinct beauty, so you should explore them all.

Next, Bau-Bau City is also the home of beautiful hills. For instance, there is Palatiga Hill. From the top of this hill, tourists are able to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding. Next, there is the famous river. The water comes from the mountain and it divides the city. The stream flows to the sea, actually. Do you want more? Make sure not to miss the caves. These include Lakasa, Ntiti, and Kaisabu Cave. All of them are worth a visit.

Nearby Attractions

  • Buton Palace Fort
  • Jaraijo

How to Get There
Are you ready to go? From Jakarta, take an airplane to Haluoleo Airport in Kendari City. Once you get there, reach Raha in Muna Island. From this location, you may continue your journey to Bau-Bau City. This whole trip may take roughly 13 hours and the distance is 224 km. It is definitely a long trip, so you should have come with good stamina, much money, packed snacks, and bottled water.

Where to Stay

  • Rajawali Hotel
  • Fitria Hotel
  • Adios Villa

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