Going Up to Waginopo Peak in Wangi-Wangi Island, Wakatobi

Indonesia is the home of tons of islands. In Southeast Sulawesi Province, a famous archipelago resides. The name is Wakatobi and it is considered one of the best tourist spots in such country. Even tourists have different reasons in visiting Wakatobi, especially for its nature tourism. One of them is called Waginopo peak, which is located in Wangi-Wangi Island – one of the major islands. Being an object of adventure, the highland offers a challenging route for hikers to explore. There is only one purpose, which is to enjoy stunning views from above.

The Nuance
Here is the fact. Wangi-Wangi Island has two famous highlands, which are Waginopo and Wabue-bue. Both of them share a similar beauty, but the first one owns its uniqueness. What is that? It’s the local plantation area, including peanuts, cassava, and cashews. That means visitors would pass by such plantations when reaching the top of Waginopo Highland. In terms of size, it reaches up to 113 meters above sea level. When it comes to vegetation, most of them are pines and coconut trees. Once hikers reach the top of it, they might see some breathtaking views of the sea and nearby islands!

Exploring Waginopo Peak
Hiking is the most popular activity in Waginopo Peak. The thing is the route is more challenging than that of Wabue-bue. Thus, beginners should consider coming with a tour guide or fellow hikers that have more experiences. Unlike Wabue-bue Peak, Waginopo is not suitable for camping. It is because the landscape is considered uncomfortable to do such activity. Therefore, it usually takes only one day to enjoy hiking. It is because tourists can’t spend a night in the location. For those who want to spend more days in Waginopo Peak, they should find a place to rest first. A villager’s house is a good option, actually.

Apart from hiking, the next reason for visiting Waginopo Peak is the presence of local plantation. Several farms are scattered along the way to the top of the highland, after all. This way, visitors have an opportunity to witness local farmers’ activity. They can even get lucky, as some of those people might give some peanuts and cashews. It is even possible to ask information regarding the best route to reach the peak. What they need is bit knowledge of the Indonesian Language.

Once they reach the peak, lots of stunning objects are seen from above. With gusty wind, the location offers a comfortable nuance. Here is the tip. Tourists should come to the location before the dusk when the sunset appears. It even combines well with the seascape! With such attraction, no one would regret coming to Waginopo Peak despite its tiring trip. It is a worthy experience and everyone should try it someday.

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How to Get There
Waginopo Peak belongs to Wangi-Wangi Island. For the fastest trip, travelers should take an airplane and the destination is Matahora Airport. From there, they can directly head to Waginopo Village or drop by in Wanci City first. From Wanci, the distance is about 1.5 km.

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Wakatobi Patuno Resort

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