Lakeba Beach in Bau-Bau Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

People of Southeast Sulawesi Province should be grateful for the vast options of beautiful beaches. One of them is located in Bau-Bau Regency and the name is Lakeba Beach. Some people even say it is the most beautiful beach in such province. Why is that? Apart from its amazing sea scenery, the beach also features different types of facilities and fun amenities. In a nutshell, Lakeba offers everything that tourists ever need. These include entertainment, nature, and accommodations. No wonder, it represents the most attractive beach in Bau-Bau City.

The Nuance
The crystal clear water is a common feature in Lakeba Beach, but it is not the only attraction. It is because you can find a majestic formation of coconut trees, cafes, and karaoke lounges nearby. Not to mention there is a pier with a gazebo. It is a perfect spot for those who want to watch sea scenery at its best. The breezy wind may accompany you while exploring the beach with your families. Somehow, it is quite relaxing. The white sand also looks stunning.

Exploring Lakeba Beach
The most common thing to do in Lakeba Beach is beach walking, as the sand is both beautiful and comfortable. The color of the sand is white and the seawater is clearly dazzling. Not to mention the size of the shoreline is quite wide, on which tourists can play and walk around freely. Since many coconut trees grow in this area, visitors don’t need to be afraid of the heat of the sun. It is because they can take advantage of the shady area near to the beach for relaxation and see the sea scenery. On top of that, the wind is quite gusty.

Thanks to the facilities in Lakeba Beach, tourists are able to spend good times comfortably. As mentioned before, the wooden pier becomes a perfect spot for sightseeing as it comes with a cozy gazebo. From this location, tourists are able to enjoy the sunset at its finest. Also, it is a great spot for fishing or witnessing local fishermen passing by. Due to this reason, make sure to carry both fishing rod and camera as you may need them later.

For families with kids, Lakeba Beach features ample fun facilities. These include banana boats, parasailing, playground, and jet skis. Once you try them all, it is time to enjoy the feast at nearby eateries. Here is good news. Many types of foods are available in these restaurants, including local foods, Chinese foods, and American foods. Have no worries, as the prices are affordable.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kamali Beach
  • Tirta Rimba Waterfall
  • Sorawolio Fort
  • Buton Palace Fort

How to Get There
Your primary destination is Bau-Bau Regency, situated in Sulaa Village, Betoambari District of Bau-Bau City, lies on North Buton Island. From Kendari, the first checkpoint is Muna Island or Raha City. From there, you may continue the trip using a ferry to Buton Island. This is where you may reach Bau-Bau and visit Lakeba directly. The whole trip takes about 13 hours and the distance is 224 km. It even takes longer if you come from other provinces, especially Jakarta.

Where to Stay

  • Mira Hotel
  • Calista Hotel
  • Lakamali Hotel
  • Rajawali Hotel

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