Visiting Sowa Mangrove Forest in Binongko Island, Wakatobi

Of all the districts in Indonesia, Wakatobi becomes one of the best tourist destinations. Why is that? It features beautiful islands and their unique nature. For example, tourists can head to Sowa Mangrove Forest, which resides in Binongko Island. The location is near to Sowa Rural Community, actually. This explains the name of such nature attraction. So, what can people do there? It can be anything like relaxation, adventure, photography, etc. some tourists also take advantage of the mangrove forest’s nuance to overcome their stress issues. Thanks to the rejuvenating atmosphere and shady trees.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the nuance is quite calming and relaxing. With the presence of lush mangroves, people won’t suffer from the heat of the sun. Not to mention the water is pristine, emitting a charming aura. It reflects the shadow of the trees beautifully, as well. Even the roots of the mangroves are seen clearly from afar. With those nature attractions, visitors would be mesmerized easily. They can even learn the importance of the mangroves, which is to protect the land against coastal erosion. That means the presence of Sowa Mangrove Forest is significant to both villagers and tourists.

Exploring Sowa Mangrove Forest
The most important thing is the knowledge. Tourists have an opportunity to learn a bit more about the significance of Sowa Mangrove Forest. According to locals, the forest is useful both in retaining environment and attracting tourists. Moreover, it is considered sacred! No wonder, villagers won’t be careless when exploring the area. These include no littering or ruining the environment. These rules apply not only to the locals but also to visitors. At least, people should pay respect to the forest by not causing harms. It’s common knowledge.

An adventure in Sowa Mangrove Forest would be quite fun, but it also takes some considerations. Some beginners are likely to get troubles, after all. As for tips, they must pay attention to supplies. Trekking indeed costs both stamina and time. That means tourists would suffer without water and snacks. In this case, they should have prepared those items beforehand. The fact is dehydration becomes travelers’ common issue during an adventure. They can buy those things in Togo or other nearby regions in Binongko Island, after all.

Next, it is related to equipment. In terms of comfort, tourists must wear proper footwear. The environment is quite damp, so it is recommended to wear boots or similar shoes. What’s next? For those who love photography, they are allowed to carry a camera, even the DSLR one! It is because no fee is charged to carry such item. The last but not the least, tourists should take care of the environment! Littering is prohibited, so they must not throw trashes carelessly after eating or drinking something.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Sowa Mangrove Forest belongs to Binongko Island. For outsiders, the most recommended transportation service is an airplane and the destination is Matahora Airport. It is located in Wangi-Wangi Island. Next, it takes a speedboat to reach Binongko. The last trip heads to Sowa Village, where the forest resides. That’s all.

Where to Stay

  • Wakatobi Resort

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