Lambusango Forest in Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Buton Island is part of Southeast Sulawesi Province and it offers many types of tourist attractions. The thing is the island is covered by mostly forests and one of them is called Lambusango Forest. As the name suggests, it is located in Lambusango Village. Not only this area becomes a tourist destination, but it also attracts some researchers. It is because the forest consists of many types of plants and animals. Not to mention the nuance is quite comfortable for relaxation and the landscape is suitable for a nature adventure.

The Nuance
Like regular forests, Lambusango has shady trees and other nature attractions. All you can see is green environment and landscape. The trees are tall, so it feels like in the midst of a jungle. Also, there is a river with its rejuvenating water and relaxing air. Many tourists often get in this water either for swimming or taking a bath. Next, it is related to the fauna. The forest becomes the home of numerous types of animals, including macaques, anoas, and much more. In fact, some of them are considered rare!

Exploring Lambusango Forest
Once you get in the forest, you may feel enthusiastic as the size is quite fast. It is actually nature conservation, consisting of Lambusango Wild Reserve and Kakenauwe Nature Preserve. Both of them are definitely worth a visit. For those who love nature, Lambusango becomes a perfect spot for an adventure. That means families can also introduce numerous wild nature attractions to their kids since the forest is surrounded by shady trees and bushes. Not to mention there is a special path for the guests, so everyone can get around the forest easily.

Lambusango Forest also holds an interesting story. According to the locals, the forest has a mystical power. It is said ones can get what they want once they explore the forest. The thing is visitors should only have good wishes. That means those with bad intentions won’t get blessings from it. This kind of belief is only popular among the locals, so most of the tourists are only attracted to the beauty of nature instead of such urban legend.

It is common sense to visit Lambusango Forest during the day, but it is possible to explore it at night. In this case, the local guide will accompany you while exploring the forest. Many types of nocturnal animals are seen at night, so it is considered a distinct adventure in Lambusango. It is even possible to explore the forest both at noon and at night.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Koguna Beach
  • Kamali Beach

How to Get There
To think that Lambusango is located in Buton Island, it seems a long trip is inevitable. The distance from Kendari City to Buton is 264 km. That means the trip takes roughly 14 hours. Your first destination is Muna Island. From there, take a ferry to Buton Island and continue your trip to Lambusango Village. The forest lies near to this settlement, after all. Make sure to carry some money and snacks since it is going to be a long trip.

Where to Stay

  • Ratu Rajawali Hotel
  • Calista Beach Hotel
  • Debora Hotel

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