Sombano Beach in Kaledupa Sub-district, Wakatobi Regency

A great breach like Sombano should be everyone’s choice when visiting Wakatobi Regency. Like the name suggests, the beach is located in Sombano Village and it belongs to Kaledupa Sub-district. Apart from the comfortable nuance, the beach is famous for its pristine sea water. No wonder, most of the visitors come there for either snorkeling or swimming. They also visit it to enjoy gusty wind and lush trees. Plus, it becomes an extra in exploring nearby village. With all those attractions, it is likely the beach becomes a primary vacation spot for both adventurers and nature lovers.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the nuance is serene. Sombano Beach has stunning beautiful sand and comfortable environment. This explains why the beach is suitable for relaxation and beach walking. Some parts of the beach even feature coral reefs, big stones, and vegetations. When it comes to sea water, it is clear and calm. It even comes with warm temperature. In the horizon, the views are flawless! As if, the sea mesmerizes visitors and won’t allow them to go home. The atmosphere is even better in the morning, actually. It is both refreshing and comfortable. As an alternative, tourists should spend good times in the afternoon when the sun sets beautifully.

Exploring Sombano Beach
What makes Sombano Beach special, actually? Well, it is known for its serenity. The fact is the beach is rarely visited by tourists, as the popularity is inferior to other beaches in Wakatobi Regency. However, such weakness becomes the strongest lure. How come? Lots of tourists are into a peaceful vacation destination. It is because they want to overcome stresses, caused by a busy city life. The next positive point is the coastline, which is longer than others. Also, the beach comes with soft white sand.

Enjoying peaceful nature is one thing. Though, Sombano Beach offers other attractions like romantic views of the sunset. It may attract couples, common adventurers, and photographers. One thing, people should come to the beach at the right time. For those who want to enjoy the sunset, they need to be there before dusk. Otherwise, they may miss the chance to witness such beautiful nature view. Not to mention they should have learned a bit about the location of the beach and any available options for transportation.

The simplest way to learn information regarding Sombano Beach is by hiring a tour guide. As an alternative, they can talk to a tour agency. There is even a package to enjoy a vacation in Kaledupa Island. Usually, it comes with discounts for those coming in groups. That means the vacation would be more affordable and merrier. As for the tip, they must carry extra cash for renting speedboats, accommodation, and buying foods.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The prime destination is Matahora Airport, which is located in Wangi-Wangi Island. From there, travelers can simply take a boat to reach Kaledupa Island. Next, they need to visit Sombano Village, where the beach resides. That’s all.

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