Kontamale Cave in Wangi-Wangi Island, Southeast Sulawesi Province

The combination of a pond and a cave is quite rare, but there is one located in Wangi-Wangi District. The name is Kontamale Cave and it belongs to Wanci Village. It even becomes a famous vacation destination in Wangi-Wangi Island, which is located near to Wakatobi National Park. As you may expect, the cave features a nature pond, on which tourists can swim and take a bath. Apart from being a tourist spot, the locals take advantage of it to collect water. All thanks to the abundance source of water.

The Nuance
Once you get in the cave, you may see stunning features especially stalagmite. As mentioned before, there is a natural pond inside the cave and it becomes tourists’ favorite spot. The freshness of the water and the serene nuance make it quite both for locals and outsiders. The size of the cave is big and deep. Near to it, you may see beautiful nature attractions like banyan trees, coconut trees, bushes, and mango trees. They are responsible for creating a cool nuance in this location, after all.

Exploring Kontamale Cave
Southeast Sulawesi Province is not all about the sea and historical sites. The reason is you can find other unique attractions, as well. As for an example, there is Kontamale Cave with its adorable nuance and serene pond. The most popular activity to do inside the cave is getting in the water since it is fresh and refreshing. That means visitors are allowed to play and get in the water freely! The fact is that it becomes one of the best fountains in this region. It makes the pond more tempting to tourists, for sure.

According to the locals, Kontamale Cave has been in that location for decades or even hundreds of years ago. It is located between Sombu and Wanci Village, so it is quite reachable. A short trip using a mini bus and a small walk to the cave are worth and effort. After all, you will be rewarded with a stunning tourist spot. Even the mouth of the cave appears attractive! It also gives you an opportunity for a cave exploration. The nuance is not quite dark either, so it will be comfortable for everyone.

As for the tip, the nature pond is a little bit deep. That means it is not suitable for those who can’t swim. If you come with your kids, make sure to supervise them well. The locals even say the cave is sacred and mystical. Some of them have encountered a mysterious creature, which has the shape similar to a giant octopus!

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How to Get There
A trip to Kontamale Cave takes much time and effort, as you need to reach Wangi-Wangi Island. The journey starts from Kendari and your first destination is Raha City in Muna Island. Once you get there, you may continue the trip to Buton Island. From there, take a ferry and head to Wangi-Wangi Island. The last destination will be Wanci Village, where the cave lies. This whole trip may take up to 22 hours and the distance between Kendari and Wanci Village is 381 km!

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