Stunning Stone Park in Waloindi Village, Binongko Island

When people hear about a place like a park or garden, they may imagine several flowers and beautiful landscape. However, it is not always like that. For example, there is Stone Park in Wakatobi Regency. To be exact, the location is in Waloindi Village and it belongs to Binongko Island. As the name suggests, the park features only a formation of rocks! It is actually a rock garden, on which tourists can explore. Some people come to the location for a simple hiking, photography, and sightseeing. The others choose the park as a family vacation, as well.

The Nuance
As mentioned above, the park has no rocks at all. That means visitors can only see grasses and plants. Despite lacking beautiful flowers, it offers distinct attractions to tourists. The formation of stones and rocks is indeed majestic. This explains why they are suitable to be the objects of photography. The expanse of rocks is somehow satisfying, as it stimulates tourists’ passion of adventure. Waloindi does not only have such rock garden, actually. It is because the village also becomes the home of rugged beaches and caves. There is a spot for diving, too!

Exploring the Stone Park
Once tourists reach Waloindi Stone Park, they can start asking information regarding the location. It is even possible to learn the history of the park. According to the locals, such rock garden was formed naturally. It is likely the stones and rocks has been there for more than a century. Near to the park, there are several valleys, surrounding the area. That means visitors should pay attention to their steps when exploring the park. At least, they should wear comfy footwear that has a high-quality grip. It helps them to move around safely and comfortably, after all.

Sightseeing and photography are quite common there. Thanks to the presence of majestic and artistic rocks. They reside in the park neatly! Moreover, it feels like in another planet. That means tourists have unlimited objects to capture, and all of them are worth photo shoot. As an alternative, painting is a good idea. It provides calmness and peace to tourists, after all. What people need are a canvas and other painting equipment. What a way to spend time during a vacation in Wakatobi!

Hiking is also recommended when exploring Waloindi Stone Park, as some parts of the garden come with challenging landscape. Even tourists can climb on the rocks and enjoy nature views from above. The thing is they need to wear comfortable shoes and carry bottled drink. Running out of stamina is common, as they would spend much time exploring the park. Thus, it is better to prepare some foods and drinks beforehand. If necessary, they can come with families and conduct a recreation in the park.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Waloindi Stone Park belongs to Binongko Island. First, travelers need to head to the prime checkpoint, which is Wangi-Wangi Island. The fastest transportation is an airplane and the destination is Matahora Airport. Next, they can take a boat or speedboat to Binongko. Once they reach the port, it is time to visit Waloindi Village, where the park resides.

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