Wa Pia-Pia Cave in Wangi-Wangi Island, Wakatobi Regency

Southeast Sulawesi Province has a famous archipelago called Wakatobi. It also becomes Indonesia’s recommended vacation destination among locals and foreigners, in fact. Consisting of beautiful islands, it is suitable for island hopping, adventure, photography, recreation, and much more. For those who love nature tourism, Wangi-Wangi Island is the right choice. It is the home of many attractions, including Wa Pia-Pia Cave. The site is popular for its unspoiled environment and available chambers. In front of the cave, visitors can also take some pictures or simply relax outside. Overall, no one should overlook the charm of the cave!

The Nuance
In terms of size, the cave mouth is not quite big. The fact is it features some big rocks near to it. Outside, the cave features several lush trees and plants. Even a small river flows well, especially during rainy season. Inside, the nuance is dark and damp. It is better to prepare a flashlight prior to exploring the cave. Another tip is that they must come with a local guide. It is because such service has both experience and skills in caving. If not, tourists can simply spend times outside the cave. The environment is excellent, after all.

Exploring Wa Pia-Pia Cave
What can visitors do in the cave? That’s the question. The simplest way to enjoy a vacation in Wa Pia-Pia Cave is to enjoy the nature. Due to its secluded location, it offers a peaceful environment, which is comfortable for relaxing. That means tourists can take their time to praise nature and enjoy its nonviolent atmosphere. Somehow, it becomes a nice place to eradicate stresses. Even the water feels quite rejuvenating and calm. It is allowed to get in the small river, but tourists should take care of the environment.

The next fun activity is photography. Many features of the cave are indeed quite attractive, so they are worth photo shoots. These include the stalagmites, rocks, the mouth of the cave, etc. The problem is the atmosphere is considered dark, so everyone must carry a flashlight when entering the cave. It is also better to come to the cave in the morning when the weather is the nicest. Not to mention the air is fresh and relaxing. The only issue is the fog that can obstruct tourists’ photography activity. In this case, they should use a better quality camera.

Another interesting activity is to explore the cave. As mentioned before, the condition is damp and dark. A flashlight is a compulsory item, for sure. Also, tourists can take advantage of the help of a tour guide. The best option is local people, as they know the condition and route well. Above all, their service is cheaper than official tour agents.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The simplest way to reach Wangi-Wangi Island is by airplane. That means travelers may take an airplane to Matahora Airport. Later, they can take any local transportation service to the cave. It only takes several minutes, so the trip would be comfortable.

Where to Stay

  • Wisata Beach Hotel
  • Wakatobi Patuno Resort

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